Saturday, February 20, 2010


It's a great feeling when disparate things coincide and become a great idea and project.

The disparate things:
First was being offered three bags of wedding dresses that were donated to a project called 'Brides for the Cure'. The project was...scrapped (!got it?).
Second was when Sharon (our Sunday staff) left Sew What's New for a job with the Islip Breast Cancer Coalition.
Third was selecting a project for SuperBowl Sunday.

On SuperBowl Sunday, the gowns came out of the white (!?) garbage bags and a hardy bunch of sewers, started ripping, tearing and dismanteling the lace embellishments. Others cut fabric to 11" squares. Then we set up a few sewing machines and began appliqueing some embellishments to the squares. IT WAS FUN!!!

But how does this involve the Islip Breast Cancer Coalition you ask. There is a major fund-raising event in the fall for this group. We plan to have our quilt or quilts ready for a raffle.

This is not a small project. We can use your help on the first and third Sundays of the month at Sew What's New. We start at noon and finish at 4 PM.

As quilters we do not often get to play with the glitzy fun stuff. Come and enjoy!

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